Does a state of contentment ever truly exist?  Or are we always striving for more?

There are people who want bigger houses, better cars.  People who are never satisfied by what they have and hope to find happiness through their possessions, they spend, spend, spend.  Their houses overflowing with ‘stuff’, clothes they never wear, shoes which remain wrapped in tissue paper in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe, gadgets, electronics, TVs with screens as big as the garden shed,

Is it boredom?  Are they simply fed up with what’s in front of them, so buy more to be able to do more?  And have less time to do less.

There are people for whom work is their life, overtime not a problem, weekends, evenings, reaching for that promotion so that they can work even harder.  They believe they’re indispensible, that the company’s success is in their hands.  That things fall apart without them there, that no one else is capable.

Parents who want their children to have every opportunity, to allow them to excel at music, sport, drama.  After school, weekends, clubs, practices, lessons.  Are the kids living the dreams of their parents?

Am I content?  Are you?

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