My (zero) running (again) week (Y2-28)

I’m on a carousel going round and round in an endless circle of injury ~ injury ~ injury and this time I’m not at fault.  I haven’t been running to excess, not too fast, not too far, not too often.  And still I’m going round and round.

Last week I wrote about the problem and about how we (me) are going to fix this.  Subsequent to my physio appointment I did some thinking, as one does when one has a problem to solve, and I wondered why I had accumulated so many strains and sprains over the past four years.  It got me wondering whether my cancer treatment, chemotherapy, herceptin or tamoxifen could be responsible after all if I have ongoing nerve damage, balance problems and cognitive impairment then it’s not impossible to think that my muscles or tendons could be weakened or have lost elasticity.

Although this week has been free from running, free from Jess walking, and free from general walking(!), I have been busy at the gym.  Physio last week said that I could do any exercise that did not stress my calf/shin, so Monday and Wednesday I focused on cardio with a mix of cross-trainer and bike.  Then on Wednesday evening I was back meeting with one of the fitness instructors to discuss a specific programme to work on my balance and core strength, which I then did for the first time on Friday… and believe me my abs are very aware that I’ve been working on my core!

Next week I’m planning three gym sessions again and keeping up with my physio exercises before my next appointment on Friday.  All is good!

Have a great week, K x 🙂



2 comments on “My (zero) running (again) week (Y2-28)”
  1. Hard work never goes wasted that’s one thing I know for sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Very true, thanks for reading x 🙂


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