Eating out vegan

It seems a long time ago that I experimented with being entirely vegan and found out that it actually wasn’t that difficult.  I briefly thought that I’d continue with it but be flexible, however it was soon apparent that I couldn’t do that; the more I immersed myself in the vegan world, the more I realised that it was what I wanted.

National Vegetarian Week 2019 ran from 13th to 19th May and by this time I was pretty much back to being vegetarian anyway and, as I’ve said before, it wasn’t that big a leap for me to switch to being vegan.

Eating at home and out at known restaurants was easy enough, finding alternatives at the supermarket wasn’t too difficult either. Yes, it took more thought and planning but fortunately my motivation was able to manage it!  The big test came when we went on holiday, when we wouldn’t be eating out at, for example, Pizza Express but reliant on independent cafes and restaurants.  Would it be too stressful and disruptive to the holiday?

On the way to Scotland we stopped at Belsay Hall in Northumberland for lunch and a walk around the gardens.  The cafe was fairly small but the staff were friendly and helpful, the vegan choices were soup or jacket potato with beans but this was ok as we’d noticed the most indulgent looking vegan chocolate cake which swayed us towards the lighter option of soup.

The rest of the week went by quickly and we managed to find vegan choices everywhere we went.  Some by luck and some through using the Happy Cow app.  My recommendations if you’re in Edinburgh are to visit Ransacked Black Oven and then take a walk through The Meadows to Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes.  However, as expected, Edinburgh has many cafes and restaurants and I’m sure a large proportion of them would be equally as delicious.  We also liked Rialto in Eyemouth and The Herringbone in North Berwick.

We had a lovely holiday, with just about enough dry and sunny days and some great food.  Now I’m back home and focusing on home cooked vegan food… but more of that later.



4 comments on “Eating out vegan”
  1. mandy says:

    I’ve known vegan and vegetarians and it doesn’t seem to be a problem if you don’t expect the host to accommodate you. Be up front and say I’ll bring a few dishes to share, and then I’m sure you’ll find plenty to eat. 😅🍽

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    1. Karen says:

      To be fair I don’t really go to dinner parties! But I would definitely take some dishes along if I did. Thank you 🙂

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      1. mandy says:

        Even though I’m not a vegan or a veg, I’m most comfortable eating at home where I know what I’m eating. 😁

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      2. Karen says:

        I agree, it’s always good to know exactly what’s in our food.

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