My running week (Y2-35)

Following last Sunday’s run I’m pleased that I had minimal pain, however due to a race on Thursday evening I elected not to run between Sunday and the race to give me the best chance of actually running it instead of limping.

Anxious anticipation all day Thursday coupled with a slightly dodgy tummy – firmly blaming the celery soup that I’d had the night before – left me in a rather apathetic mood. So, it was with very little enthusiasm that I put on my club vest and, it being a fairly mild evening, my favoured skort, then decided I looked too fat and changed into leggings with the reasoning that they had a better chance of squishing my squishy bits!

It was great to see a few familiar faces from the club as well as some I hadn’t met before, we talked about the race, whether we’d done it before, what our expected time was etc. and in a short time I was actually pleased that I hadn’t wimped out.

The mid-Cheshire 5k is a fast course, it starts at the highest point with at least 1km of downhill, then a long gradual uphill before coming back to the start line just after 4k for a downhill final kilometre.  It takes place twice a year, in Spring and Summer, and is one of my closest races to home, and is the first race that I have run twice.

In April, on the comeback from my torn calf muscle, I was very happy to have achieved a sub-30, my first since before the injury.  But my recollections of the course were that it was a tough one.  I’d been advised not to go off too fast on the downhill but, with momentum and keeping pace with those around me, I soon found that I’d gone off too fast and the remainder of the race was a lesson in mind over body as I forced myself to reach for the sub-30.

On Thursday, lesson learnt and mindful of my recovering injury, I was concious not to go too fast.  My plan was to run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute, then run to the end. A plan which I followed until I saw the head coach cheering me on at which point I stopped and had a brief chat.  Following that I ran on to the 20 minute point and had my second 1 minute walk and then a third a short while later.  My aim on starting the race was to get a sub-33 time so I was happy to see the timing clock at about 32.5 minutes as I crossed the line.  And even more happy when I received my chip time of 31:59, a whole minute better than the sub-33 I’d hoped for.

Being a small-time geek I was interested in the comparison of pace from the two races.  In April I found the majority of the race <insert your own expletive> hard because of my pace at the start.  On Thursday I was pleased with the way I’d run, and although I’d found the last 2km difficult was sure that this was down to stamina and my lack of running recently.

So I put the charts side by side.

Mid-Cheshire comparison

Although the scale for pace, right side measured in min/km, is different on the two charts, it’s clear to see that my pace was more consistent in the second race.  The four dips are my three walk breaks (1,3 and 4) and my chat with the head coach (2).

And how was the post run pain?  Yes, there was some which certainly wasn’t helped by having to walk quite a long way back to the car park, but it was definitely better than it has been over recent weeks.

Am I glad I went?  Most definitely YES!  Very happy!

Have a great week, K x

running banner crop


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