Cat blankets

On Saturday evening I finished making three little blankets for my beautiful cat Musky without any certainty that he would use them. On Sunday afternoon I placed one on his favourite windowsill spot, one in his cat bed, and one in his carry case.

My rationale in making the first one, in addition to upcycling the worn bedding, was that the fabric would smell of our laundry detergent and therefore be familiar to him as our scent. We bought Musky a fairly inexpensive cat bed soon after he joined our family but apart from walking over it, he’d shown little interest in using it. My plan was to put the blanket on top of the fleecy donut bed to encourage him to snuggle down in it. The additional two I made to use the remainder of the heavily worn fabric that wouldn’t have been much use for anything else.

When I was pinning the edging to the blankets he sat opposite me on the floor of my den patting at the fabric when it moved and licking/chewing at the pins (secured in their wheel casing). While it was lovely that Musky was helping with making his blankets, it wasn’t actually all that helpful!

The cat blankets have proved a success already as early evening on Sunday he snuggled down on his windowsill spot on his blanket and later on curled up in his cat bed for the first time. Hopefully these blankets will keep Musky cosy and warm as the cooler temperature of autumn approaches and the overnight house temperature drops.

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