Art class – new term

It seems a very long time since art class finished for the summer and I was certainly keen to return this morning.  At the end of last term we were working on the painting with the dog and flowers which we finished in our own time.  Since then I have completed my watercolour of The Well House at the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, and started on a painting of Eyemouth, based on a photograph I took while on holiday.

The art class I attend is split between those who do watercolours and those who do pencil drawings, the watercolour students work on the same painting guided by the teacher, the drawing students usually work on their own projects with helpful comments from the teacher.  However, one of the drawing students also took on the challenge of the same image of Brockhampton Hall that the painters were doing.

The teacher’s watercolour
My watercolour
Liz's drawing
Pencil drawing

And didn’t she do it brilliantly?

This term we are starting with a relatively simple painting of the Somerset Levels on a misty morning, the teacher chose this to give us a reminder of colour wash techniques.

Misty Morning JB image
Teacher’s image

For this painting we are using just two colours, Payne’s Grey and Hooker’s Green.

After securing the paper to the board, we started with a diluted Payne’s Grey, moving into a more dilute mix and then faded out with water about half way down.  We then used a dilute mix of Hooker’s Green with Payne’s Grey to continue the colour wash, finishing with a stronger mix of this.  The features are all done using Payne’s Grey at various strengths, generally getting less dilute as we move down the page.

Using darker colours in the foreground give a sense of depth to the painting.  The colours in this image are faded compared to the original, I’ll try to get a better image when it’s finished.

Misty Morning
My work so far

A note of interest about Payne’s Grey.  For art class I use a boxed set of colours, and the Payne’s Grey is very much a black tone.  One of the other student’s Payne’s Grey was showing as a more blue tone, which I commented on.  Apparently, if the colour is marked as ‘professional’ then it’s the blue tone, otherwise it’s black.  This painting is my first one using Payne’s Grey professional.

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9 thoughts on “Art class – new term

  1. I’d never even heard of Payne’s Grey before.
    With the first painting, recreating the painter’s version, I’m gobsmacked. That is absolutely incredible! Almost identical but I actually prefer yours because you have slightly more detailing, such as on the flowers. Stunning, you should be hugely proud! xx

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