Art class: learning techniques

The last two classes we have been learning techniques for painting flowers and foliage.

Randomly ordered my painting shows the steps involved in completing each smaller image.

The spherical tree – left- simple wash of sap green and Hooker’s green, middle- add dots of slightly darker colour mixes, right- more defined dots of Hooker’s green with a little Payne’s grey and Payne’s grey on it’s own.

The conical tree – top- completed in the same way as the spherical tree, middle- using the same method as for the trellis, bottom- base colour sap green and dots of Hooker’s green added while base still wet to merge the colours, then darker detail added.

Rose trellis – first apply masking fluid to the roses, then – right- using a dry brush with splayed bristles dab a strong mix of sap green, when dry repeat with Hooker’s green in the areas under where the roses will be, centre- remove masking fluid and apply dilute mix of alizarin crimson, which shows as pale pink, left- add darker accents below the roses and darker colour to the roses, paint in trellis (Payne’s grey)

Flower bowl – this image was progressed from it’s base colours by adding stronger mixes to provide more contrast


I think next week we’re putting some of these elements together to create a larger painting.

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