Borders League race 1: Caernarfon

It might not have been the best idea to have my flu jab just 24 hours before the race, but taking advantage of a cancellation that’s what I did. I slept poorly because my arm ached and I kept rolling over on it, but saying that I don’t usually sleep well before a race anyway – too much nervous excitement!  But also I was feeling a little under the weather, just my body doing it’s thing with the vaccine I guess.

You may not understand the runner mentality where the prospect of driving for near on two hours to run for over an hour in the rain and then drive back again (still in the rain) actually seems like a good idea.

We knew we were going to get wet…

Caernarfon weather

… it was more a question of how wet?

Well, the rain wasn’t torrential but it was persistent so pretty much everything we were wearing was completely soaked.  On the plus side, this weather meant a cooler run, and we were lucky that there was very little wind along the coastal stretch.  The route was the same as the Caernarfon 10k race route and unusually the race can be run in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on the weather (wind direction).  We ran anticlockwise which meant we went along the coast first, then back round on country lanes.  It felt like it was a near constant uphill but obviously with the start and finish being in the same place it couldn’t have been.  There were two nice downhill stretches in the latter part of the race, and was flat to the finish.

The race went well, my intention was to finish and not come last, both of which I managed.  Official results aren’t out yet but as I forgot to stop my watch I’m guessing my time was around 01:07 which given the less than flat nature of the route, the weather, and my need to run-walk to minimise strain on my still recovering leg(s), I’m very happy with.

One year ago I was on crutches and although I’m still experiencing difficulties, I actually believe that this time I’m going to get through them.

Race 1 of 7 done and I’m hopeful of race to race improvements!

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