Are you mad?

Quite possibly, yes!

It’s raining quite heavily outside and my son and I are all set for parkrun.  However muddy it was last week will be nothing compared to what it will be like this week.  But there’s not even a tiny little hope that we’d consider staying at home… why?  Because it’s a special parkrun, Ellesmere Port’s 5th birthday run which will be run in reverse and there is a very strong likelihood of post run cake.

So, are we mad?  Or do we just love an opportunity to do parkrun differently?  Or is it the cake?



3 comments on “Are you mad?”
  1. I always run in the rain ! It’s lovely! It rains so often here that you would be ruled by the rain. Nice shower and cup of tea afterwards…bliss

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    1. Karen says:

      Agree, I like running in the rain but not so much through waterlogged grass! Check my post tomorrow for a couple of photos, it was weirdly fun 😀


      1. Oh dear! No waterlogged grass would be awful. I never run on grass! Yes I will look out for your photos tomorrow thank you. 😊

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