Drama (Poem 2019 – 44)

I was talking to a lady from our local Mind (mental health) group at a health in the community event today.  The conversation took a winding path via the mental health benefits of having a cat and eventually got to my own health – mental and otherwise.  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that my life has encountered enough adversity to qualify me as a soap opera character, but one that has the fairytale happy ending please!


If only life was as simple as to be ordinary
If the biggest day to day drama
Was forgetting something on your grocery shop

If life had a plan and the plan kept true
Followed its course, ran to time
… and budget

Pick and choose a life partner
A career, a family (if you wish)
and good health, please

Instead we lose ourselves in the tributaries
and rolling white water rapids
which confuse and distort

Pulling us from life’s true course
Putting us in temptation’s reach
Plunging us into deep waters

Emerge with mind muddled as our bedraggled appearance
The swell of waves washing fresh drama onto our shore
And dragging a piece of us back to the ocean

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley

When I started writing poetry I used daily prompt words to generate a poem.  It was a rare occasion where I knew how the poem would end up.  Both this and yesterday’s poem, Masterpiece, were prompted by my words in the little intro, and in both cases the poem chose its own direction.

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