My running week (Y2-43)

Tick tock time’s moving ever onwards and I think now is a good time to just throw out there that it’s a little over 200 days until my first half marathon!  Chester half, which I’d planned on doing last year but had to cancel.  I eagerly signed up as soon as places went on sale thinking that I’d be easily fit enough by May 2020… this was back in May before my recovery went pear shaped once more.  I guess my question is will I be ready, will I be fit enough, un-injured enough, mad enough? to complete a half marathon?  My answer is, naturally YES, YES, YES, and YES!  But in reality just I really hope so.

You may wonder why I’m thinking about a race that’s 200 days away, simple really, I want to be prepared, I want to be ready to give it my best shot, but most of all I really don’t want to have to cancel again.

I could sit here reading plans of how to train for a half marathon but these plans and training schedules don’t account for my delicate nature (lol).  Right now I can run 5k, but if I run non-stop then this tendon contracts (after the run) and it’s then about 3-4 days until it feels ok to go again.  I can run-walk 10k in a fairly decent sub-70 but again it’s 3-4 days until the post race pain eases enough.  Running isn’t the trigger any more than walking is.  I can actually run a lot further than I can walk, and walking is painful at the time whereas running is ok during the run.  In brief, I can’t embark on any training plan that involves running 3-4 times a week.

My training will involve doing my physio exercises every other day, cross training at the gym or pool, running twice a week, and paying attention to my diet.  At least until things improve with regards my leg pain.

So, this week, have I done my physio exercises (yes), cross training (yes at the gym), running (yes Wednesday and Saturday), diet (erm…).  Maybe my Sunday update should be my running and diet week?!  I wrote recently about my plan to lose 7lbs by 1st December, which at the time was 1lb loss per week.  It’s now to lose 8lbs in the five remaining weeks which may not be as simple, especially if I stress-eat my way through half term next week.


  • no. of runs: 2
  • run distance: 6 miles
  • weight change: +1lb
  • weight loss target: 8lbs

And just before I go here’s a couple of photos from yesterday’s swampy, boggy, marshland parkrun…

… and these weren’t the worst bits!

Knowing parkrun would be a splishy splashy affair I optimistically decided that I’d like to beat my time of last week, not the easiest of challenges but one which I managed beautifully (at least as beautiful as a mud splattered, shoes full of water runner can be!)

Last week 00:36:26, this week 00:34:50, one word AWESOME!

Have a great week, K x

running banner crop




One comment on “My running week (Y2-43)”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    That is awesome with the park run, well done! Not nice with the terrain given the nasty weather and rain we’ve been having either. Is it school half term this week then..? I’ve completely lost track! xx


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