Vegan food day

Today I’m taking a break from painting cards and focusing on healthy lifestyle things.

Over the past couple of weeks my desire to make home cooked healthy meals has waned somewhat, mainly because I’ve been so immersed in card making that I haven’t had a lot of time and relaxing was more important.

I’m finding life with my particular teenage boys difficult, for many reasons, but for the purposes of this because they aren’t self-sufficient.  Being adopted they had appaling early life experiences which still impact them in a lot of ways; in brief, neglect during such important stages of development affects the development of the brain.  My boys have never been good at expressing their needs and want my approval/consent for almost everything they do.  They rarely say they’re hungry or, for example, simply go and get a slice of toast which means I am responsible for ensuring they eat enough.  So, when I’m disinclined to cook we end up making unhealthy food choices.  I’m not actually sure where I’m going with this…

This week is half term and in an effort to promote their self-sufficiency I’ve told them that they can get their lunch whenever they want it and that I won’t be making it or telling them when to.  I’ve said what food I have in but if they want something else they’ll have to go to the shop and buy it.  It may sound harsh but they need the push.  Yesterday, younger son (who has a cough/head cold) decided to walk down to our local Tesco to get what he wanted.  In a similar way to how he makes his lunch for school, he came back with tortilla wraps, vegan fish and southern fried fillets, crisps and cans of pop.  I relented in the zero assistance plan when it reached midday and he wasn’t showing any signs of putting anything in the oven.  But all credit to him he bought what he wanted and although lacking in fruit and veg was a good enough lunch.  Older son, who’d had two enormous bowls of cereal at 10am, switched his xbox off at about 1.15pm and walked to the little local shop coming back with a pot noodle, which, after asking me three times about whether there was enough water in the kettle, he made and ate followed by a packet of crisps.  I had baked sweet potato with a chickpea tomato thing – one of my ‘I’ll just chuck stuff in a pan until it looks like a meal’ meals!

In my mind it doesn’t matter (to me) how healthy or not their lunch is as long as I’m providing a decent evening meal – by decent I mean containing vegetables!  However, yesterday that didn’t really happen which is why today I’m on a food day; a prepping and cooking day, not necessarily an excessive eating day.  Having found this recipe for fennel, carrot and apple soup I got busy earlier this morning making it and also getting my breadmaker going.  A little later I’m going to make this vegan gingerbread cake and think about the rest of the week.



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