My running week (Y2-44)

I started this week on a high having managed a full 4.5 mile run pretty much running the whole distance painfully slowly.  Not that the run itself was painful, just the abominably slow pace that I was making myself go!  Two years ago I couldn’t even run half a mile at any pace, so quite why I’m so disparaging of my current ability can only be down to my high-achiever nature.

Following parkrun (the water-filled-shoes one), my leg/legs recovered relatively quickly so that I was good to run again early Monday morning.  I was keen to go for a slightly longer run having been sticking with 5ks since the Borders League race.  I’m fortunate in that my home run route can be easily made longer or shorter without any prior planning, heck sometimes I go out not knowing if I’m going to turn left or right when I get to the main road!  I planned to do somewhere in the region of 4-5 miles, so managing the middle distance was ideal really.  I went out slowly and I kept going slowly; slowly on the flat, slowly up the hills, slowly down the hills.  My main aim was to walk as little as possible, which resulted in the 4.5 miles taking me 55 minutes, at an average pace of 12:15 min/mile.

I got home, stretched etc and was happy that I hadn’t over exerted myself, and honestly wasn’t concerned about the slow nature of my run!

A little later I realised that I had a physio appointment the next day and hoped I could go with good news that I’d completed 4.5 miles with minimal discomfort and no delayed soreness.  The next day I was amazed at how good my legs were feeling* and the physio appointment had a real sense that I was heading in the right direction in terms of my recovery.  Leaving with an amended exercise programme and an optimistic state of mind I was really looking forward to Saturday’s 5k race in Halewood.

* not magically fixed but so good compared to previously

Weather forecast for Saturday was rain, again, however the reality was actually quite pleasant.  I was in two minds, should I go for a good time or a cautious run?  Setting off on a very slight downhill I was caught up in the pace of those around me and soon realised that I was running faster than I have been for a while, feeling warm it wasn’t long before my rain jacket was tied around my waist.  I was pleased with my pace, pleased with how my legs were feeling and hopeful of a good time.  Unfortunately I couldn’t sustain the pace and had to take a number, maybe 10, walk breaks.  Each break was only 15-30s but gave me a little boost of energy to start running again.

Half a mile to go and I realised I was on for my second or third fastest 5k this year, and almost certainly my fastest since my recovery set-back in July.  I wanted so much to keep running the whole of that last half mile but just didn’t have it in me.  Official results aren’t available yet but I estimate my time was a little under 32 minutes, which would equate to a pace of around 10:25 min/mile… quite a difference from my previous run – and my fastest 5k since 1st June.

After the race my right leg (shin) felt sore and my left thigh was fine, hopefully the pain will settle quickly and I can plan for a slow mid-week run.


  • no. of runs: 2
  • run distance: 7.6 miles
  • weight loss: zero (oh well)
  • total run distance YTD: 288 miles (just 12 to go)

Have a great week, K x

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