My running mini-update (Y2-46)

Back in July I took part in a women’s only race, the Forest Park Ladies 5k, and that was the race that sent me running (limping) straight off to the physio’s office with shin splints in my right leg, it was so agonising I could barely walk on it.  Here I am four and a half months later and yesterday evening a running club friend told me about a 5k fun run for Children In Need today, using the same route as the Forest Park Ladies 5k.

My plan, with regards running, for the week was to focus on strength work and only do parkrun on Saturday.  In other words have a recovery week.  But the opportunity to try this course again, with significantly less pain in my leg, was too good to miss.  So this afternoon I’m heading off with my running shoes and charitable donation to give it another go!

In July, Strava logged my time as 31:50 and my official result was 32:09.  My latest 5k time is 31:32 so I’m hoping I’ll be able to run a faster time than in July, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out! running banner crop



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