Epic diet fail

Morning all,

Over the past months I have set weight loss goals over and over, linking target dates to races and really trying to lose those stubborn few lbs.  But have I really been trying?  Or is it a case of forgetting the rules?

I don’t want to follow any kind of fad diet, I don’t want to restrict any particular food groups, I don’t want to count calories or label foods as good or bad.  I know why in the last three months I’ve only managed to lose 3lbs – 1lb a month really isn’t good – because I snack too much, bake scrummy cakes and not care enough.

People may look at me and say but you don’t need to lose weight and you look fine as you are.  But when your jeans don’t fit and your running shorts accentuate every bulge and you don’t feel happy in yourself it does matter.  Just, apparently, not enough.


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