Back in the pool

A week, or so, ago I made two decisions: 1) to hold off on further physio appointments having spent £££!!! quite a lot on physio already, and 2) to come up with a rest-of-the-year-plan to get me back to full fitness.

Firstly, I will say that although I’ve spent a considerable amount on physio, it has been worth it.  My physio identified areas of weakness and constantly adapted my exercise programme to work on these.  Since strengthening my right floppy ankle I haven’t been getting hip pain from running, and strengthening my calves has very much reduced the shin pain I’ve been experiencing, working on my balance and glutes has helped with stability, and her encouragement has helped my belief that I will get back to full fitness.  So, yes it’s been a lot of money, but it’s had a lot of benefits.

Why, you may be asking, am I taking a break?  Two reasons: the simple one is because of the cost, but more importantly because I feel I’m making such good progress that I want to try and build on that for a few weeks on my own and see how far I get.  It would be great to have an endless pot of money but sadly, very few of us fit that particular demographic!

Being home alone, with just my bff (best furry feline) for company, gives me a lot of thinking time and I’ve recently been thinking about running and my desire to hit 2020 in full racing mode from the start.  To do races I need to build endurance alongside strength, to prevent injury, to enable me to go further and faster.  I have lost a lot of fitness, strength and stamina during the last year which is understandable since not only has my running (frequency, duration, speed) been reduced, my daily activity has been reduced also.  I haven’t been walking anywhere, I haven’t been to archery, I haven’t been on days out, or shopping trips, or much of anything really.  Don’t go feeling sorry for me, this totally suits my introverted side.  Being home, just me and Musky is great.  I don’t need shopping or days out, I don’t need the noise and bustle of towns and cities, I don’t need the people, the stress, I don’t need to fill my days with anything other than what I have already.  But I do need to build my body back up to being able to run again, and for that I need to be doing more than the occasional gym session.

So, long ramble over, I decided I needed to get back to the pool.  First step in my plan (not that I actually have a plan) is to introduce more low impact exercise and swimming instantly came to mind.  Prior to running I spent a lot of time swimming, and like running, swimming gave me the time and space to process my emotions, it calmed my depressed brain, and maybe I hadn’t realised that the only reason I managed to run as well as I had been was because it actually had helped strengthen my legs.  And that is why I was able to run as well as I could.

Swimming, even at my level, is such a great exercise, using and strengthening many muscles, strengthening lungs and building endurance in breathing.  I’ve been a few times since my momentous decision and I can certainly testify that it’s using some of my long neglected muscles.

In terms of a plan, well, there’s still nothing coherent but adding a few swim sessions to my activity can only help.


2 comments on “Back in the pool”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I think this is a really good idea; now that you’ve made progress and have more to work with you can get into a routine and build on the improvement (gradually, don’t overdo it! 😉) I dread to think how much you’ve spent on physio, yikes! Swimming is supposed to be fantastic and low impact so adding that in to a loose plan sounds good. I hope you have a good weekend ahead lovely.
    Caz xx

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    1. Karen says:

      Had a couple of good runs this week and really wanted to go out today… managed to restrain myself! Have a good weekend yourself x

      Liked by 1 person

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