Celebrations and food

Christmas is approaching and BTW Happy Thanksgiving!  And the relationship between these celebrations and food is something no one can deny.  How many people wake up on New Year’s Day to the realisation that ten days of eating and drinking has contributed to an expanding waistline?  Birthdays, weddings, parties, almost any get together centres around food and society has strengthened this connection over time, with increased marketing feeding into the belief that we can only have a real celebration if we overindulge.

Food, particularly sugary food, is a treat, a reward, a comfort, no longer is it seen as simply the fuel which enables the body to survive.  In a land of excess we eat to excess while others visit food banks and take food from rubbish bins.  Society is broken, government has the ability to help but is often the reason that the poor stay poor and the rich become super-rich.  No person in a developed world should have to be without food while ordinary families fill their homes with more than they can possibly eat in the name of celebration.

Our family often donate to the local food banks throughout the year, but this Christmas we are taking part in the reverse advent calendar idea, where each day from 1st to 24th December you add an item to a box which is then donated to the food bank on Christmas eve.  And I encourage you to do the same, think about whether you really need that extra box of chocolates or bottle of wine, compared to how much the same money could help a family in need.

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