My running week (Y2-48)

400 days and finally I am absolutely, definitely getting back to some kind of racing form.  Progress has been very much a case of two steps forward, one step back but now I am definitely seeing much more forward than back.

Last week I wrote that I’d ran a whole 5k distance, which was something I’d struggled with ever since my first injury.  So this week my plan was to build on that.  Instead of focusing on speed, I simply wanted to get into the habit of just keeping going.

On Monday I set out with the intention of repeating the same 5k and again running it all, however various phone calls and parenting stuff interupted my run for around 15 minutes so instead I did an extra loop and made it a 4 mile run.

My plan had been to run again on Thursday but the lack of pain in my legs yay! and the quick recovery time meant that I headed out on Wednesday morning instead.  Again this run wasn’t about speed but about managing the distance, I wanted to do 4.5 to 5 miles mostly non-stop.  The route I chose had a couple of short steep inclines, as well as more gradual up and down hills, my aim was for steady pace and to conquer these inclines.  After each I allowed myself a short walk to get my breath back (and in the case of the first one cross three roads) but other than that, other road crossings and letting cars past I ran a pretty good 5 miles.  Not fast but I wasn’t aiming for speed.

Today is the third Borders League race, which is 5.5 miles over four laps of Birkenhead Park.  It’s a lovely setting for a race but with me being at the slower end of the field, I’m genuinely concerned that I’ll be lapped twice by the faster runners!  Based on my 5 mile pace from Wednesday and my most recent 10k time I should complete the 5.5 miles in under an hour, so I’m setting that as my target.

Including this race, my stats for the week will be:

  • no. of runs: 3
  • total distance: 14.5 miles

Have a great week, K x

running banner crop



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  1. Well done 😊👏👏👏

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