Review (Poem 2019 – 46)

Following on from 2018’s poetic version of verbal diahorrea was going to be tough, and the fact that I’m only on poem 46 this year speaks volumes.  Last year I filled two books and more, but this year? Well, I suppose some poetry is better than no poetry.

I have comfortably filled the poetic gap with painting, whereas in 2018 I discovered that I could write poetry, in 2019 I found out that I could paint!  2020, I’m hoping, will be a mixture of both… I certainly can’t afford to take on another creative hobby.

2019 has also been a year of recovery, both physical and mental.  I’m sure to have bored you all to tears with my endless tales of running injury following injury, but 2020 will be a year of progress and new achievements.  Also in the physical health bucket, I recently had my five year check up with the breast care nurse, and am happy to share that they’ve discharged me.  Mentally this year has been pretty stable, to the point where I’m building up the courage to talk to my GP about reducing my medication, maybe in the spring, who knows?!

So, while 1st December may be a little early for a year end review, I’m ready to coast through the next 31 days and start 2020 with a new energy and positivity.


look back, take stock and wonder
at time’s stealthy passage as seconds roll
into minutes, hours and days
hands sweeping round, day to night
the stars’ sparkling parade crowning
the moon’s majesty on jet black throne
her orb of power glowing steadily
over her loyal subjects
the stars, the earth and us

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley

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