Seascape watercolour

Not wanting to lose the momentum in painting, I’ve decided to keep myself busy over the holidays. When I first started painting I bought Matthew Palmer’s book Watercolour for the absolute beginner but since starting art class I haven’t continued with the step by step tutorials in the book. So, why not start again now?

Last Friday I started on the next project in the book which was titled Cornish Seascape.

This was a bit tricky because of the waves. These were painted with masking fluid and then, once all the surrounding colours had been completed, the masking fluid removed and some fine lines painted over the waves to give a sense of movement. I think this technique will be one I come back to.

I also struggled with the grassy patch at the top of the cliff, but that’s ok as my frame was smaller than the image size so I just cropped that bit! I’m pleased with the result and my painting is now a beautiful addition to my bedroom wall.

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