Feeling Festive (Poem 2019 – 67)

We finally got our tree up on Thursday (with less than a week to go) and Musky was actually ok with it, more curious cat than scaredy cat. He did, however, keep pulling down the festive banner we hang across the fireplace so that’s not up anymore and most of the lights we string around the lounge are battery powered and we were out of batteries. So we’ve settled on a tree and a hanging decoration on the door to my den.

And yes, I bought a personalised Musky ornament!

(poem a day: day 22)

Feeling Festive

Bublé Christmas songs
permeate the room
elevator music
a silent imprint
of ‘Happy Holidays’
you hum along
lost in the mood
tinsel scarf around your neck
and glitter blusher
over your cheeks and nose
no ceremony
to switch on these lights
and the festive feeling

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley

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