Art class – Winter scene

After what seemed like an eternally long break, art class restarted with a challenging but beautiful winter scene.

Week 1: After tracing the image onto the watercolour paper, we prepared our colour washes for the sky. Cobalt blue along the top, blending into cadmium orange, with a little cadmium red at the side of the hill.

The buildings were painted using burnt sienna, and higlights added with yellow ochre. The tree line was painted using two mixes of burnt sienna and cobalt blue.

Week 2: Some brick detail was added to the building on the left with a stronger mix of burnt sienna. We used a mix of cobalt blue and cadmium red to add some shadow beneath the roof and on the left hand side of the buildings, the wall in front of the buildings had a wash of burnt sienna, and the windows used Payne’s grey.

The trees and bushes/grass were painted in using a stronger mix of burnt sienna and cobalt blue with the finer branches painted with a rigger brush.

Week 3: With only a few finishing touches to do. We added some Payne’s grey to tone down the walls and a pale mix of cobalt blue and cadmium red to add some depth to the snow in the foreground and on the hill, also to add shadows from the trees.

My finished painting of this lovely winter scene.

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