Art class – trees

Trying to catch up on sharing my artwork on here. I’m all up to date on instagram so please do follow me if you’re into art, poetry or cute photos of cats – mainly my cat of course!

At art class we followed the very peaceful winter scene with some simple tree forms.

The first technique was using a flat wash and merging colours.
The two images below show one application of colours (left) or two (right).
The colours used were Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Hooker’s Green, Ultramarine Blue, and Payne’s Grey.

Simple but effective image

The second technique started with a graded wash background, using three strengths of a blue-green mix and working light to dark travelling down the page. While the wash was still wet we sprinkled some salt flakes over the lower part of the paper.
The salt draws the colour off the paper and leaves a mottled effect. It’s much more apparent with darker colour backgrounds – mine was too pale for good effect.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the colours we used but after painting the tree trunk and branches, we added the first layer of leaves (as shown on the right). The distant hedgerow was the same colour as the leaves, and the near one the same as the trunk/branches. When this was dry we applied a second layer of leaves, for mine I added more blue to the mix.

The image was finished by adding some sepia pen marks to the trunk, branches, and the darker/nearer hedgerow.

I had intended on repeating this image with a darker background, and therefore a more contrasting salt effect, but in rushing my graded wash I had a few areas of uneven colour. My teacher said I could work with it and be creative! More on that later…

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