Art class – Venice practice

One of the things I like about art class is that the teacher mixes some relatively easy projects with more complex ones. The previous two sessions focused on producing some simple, but effective, images of trees, and now we’ve moved on to water.

Thinking about it, water is pretty hard to paint; from getting the right colour blend to achieving a sense of movement, there are many aspects that one could fail at.

We are approaching the Venice painting in stages. First the background, then the buildings, the waves, and finally adding some gondolas in the foreground.

1. Background – using a graded wash with three strengths of ultramarine blue we worked from dark through to light and then back up to dark again.
My initial wash wasn’t dark enough so once it was dry I applied a second one.

2. Buildings – our old favourite, Payne’s Grey. A flat wash was applied in a pale mix, followed by a second layer in places to add the effect of light and shade. Then a darker mix used to add windows and doors.

3. Waves – using the same three strengths of ultramarine blue we added some wave lines; darker and thicker towards the front and paler/thinner towards the back. This gives a sense of depth to the picture.

Looking forward to the next stage!

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