Patchwork Hexagons

I have well and truly got the patchwork bug at the moment! Inspired by a relative who’s working on her own lockdown quilt using hexagons I was eager to try hexagons for myself.

Already in love with my multi-size right angle triangle cutting template I ordered a hexagon and equilateral triangle template set from Amazon. As a novice patchworker I absolutely value any tools which make it easier to achieve a professional look to the finished quilt, and these templates really make cutting pieces so much easier.

I already had a sizeable stash of fabric (and grand ideas of completing a huge, fancily-quilted quilt) but wanted to save all my lovingly sourced fabrics (thanks eBay) for the aforementioned fancy quilt! However, I did have some fat quarters* in dusky pink/white that I bought even before fancy patchwork quilting was on my mind, and considered that perfect for my hexagon experiment!

After deciding on an arrangement I then wondered how to machine piece the hexagons. Luckily I came across a fabulous blog post from Red Pepper Quilts that told me exactly what to do.

1 – stitch the hexagons in rows according to your planned arrangement

2 – stitch the rows together with a zig-zag pattern, which involves stitching the first join, removing the fabric from the machine and repositioning it so that the next two sides are aligned, and repeat. Somewhat more difficult than ‘join with a zig-zag’ implies!

Once the main pattern section was completed I filled in the half hexagon gaps, added a border with small squares of the same fabrics, and finished with gingham squares in the corners and as a second border.

By some weird stroke of luck the finished quilt top turned out to be a perfect fit for the wadding that I had left over from a previous project.

I’m really pleased with how this looks, especially as I wasn’t particularly fond of the fabrics – hence why they’ve been sitting in a drawer for some years! Also, it actually took a lot less time than I’d thought it would, the technique of piecing rows and then joining these was very time efficient.

The finished size is approx. 1m x 1.25m which is perfect for a cot blanket and it has taken me only 28 hours over 5 days… amazing!

* a fat quarter is a piece of fabric which measures 50 x 55cm and is one quarter of a 1m length of fabric (half the length x half the width)

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