Deceptively simple but thought provoking

I don’t usually read poetry. I read this book because I am a friend of the writer, but that’s where the loyalty ends. I found these poems amusing, enlightening, accessible and thought provoking.

This anthology deals with the recurring themes of:-
– the beauty of the natural world & passing seasons (Branches to Blossom, Radiant Glow, Raindrops from Heaven, Kaleidoscopic Beauty, Nature’s Beauty)
– enduring love (Within your Eyes, Core Collision, Be My Angel, The Lights in your Eyes, Your Love Shines, Passion Ignited)
– self-doubt (Would it Be?, Is Love Enough?, Am I an Island? Forest in my Mind, How Can I?)
– unhappy relationships (It’s Always You, Empty Shell, Smile through the Tears)

It is a good mix, thoughtfully put together so that no one theme or mood predominates.

Karen can describe an everyday event, like waking up, in a way that crystallises your own unspoken even unrecognised thought processes. She makes you re-examine the mundane, the everyday scene around you with new eyes, as in Spring Morning

The Sound of birdsong
Drifts through my open window
As the gentle glow of spring sunshine
Brightens my pale room
Stretching tired limbs
My mind is at peace
I smile

I think of this poem every time I wake up now.

I particularly enjoy Wedding Day Rain as this invokes the feeling of disappointment for the bride in her white dress & white shoes on this special day, but a sudden uplift of emotion when she sees her husband-to-be & the rain melts away. All this is conveyed sparingly in the last four words ‘and then there’s you’. You can almost hear her relief & the intake of breath!

Karen does not avoid describing feelings of self-doubt & anxiety, as in How Can I? which has the relentless, pounding rhythm of recurring, intrusive thoughts & is very effective. However the overarching theme of the anthology is one of hope, love & resilience, rising from the ashes in the last two lines of the final poem, I Rise

The darkness of the shadows replaced
By my illuminating light.

This poetry is deceptively simple but will keep you thinking & going back to read it again.