06.01.2018  Low mood can lead to social isolation and loneliness. In depression it can feel difficult to relate to people, you may feel awkward or disengaged, you feel like you don’t fit in and that no one understands what you’re going through. As I wrote in my piece on CBT, thoughts and behaviours impact on mood and this is true regarding a sense of isolation… you think that you can’t relate to other people, so you stop seeing them which in turn increases loneliness. However, because you believe the untruthful thoughts in your mind there is little motivation to change your behaviour and act to seek out companionship and social situations.

There are many things that you can do to reduce social isolation; from meeting a friend for coffee or a walk to volunteer work or joining a club. You just have to take that first small step, maybe text a friend today and see if they want to meet up and let things build from there. As with so many difficulties resulting from mental health problems the hardest part is starting.