02.01.2018  Mindfulness has been a hot topic for the past few years but has a long history, being inspired by Buddhist teachings. Simply put mindfulness is being aware of the present moment and is a key skill in aiding mental good health.

Often negative thought patterns are a feature of depression; rumination (or dwelling) on these thoughts feeds the depression, by being mindful and focusing on the present moment we can reduce the severity of these thoughts. There are many activities that naturally encourage mindfulness as they require a focus on the present, for example, playing a musical instrument, reading, doing puzzles.

With practice the mind can be trained to focus on the present moment in any situation. Try it… just close your eyes and pay attention to your senses, feel your body pressing on the chair and your feet on the floor, listen to the sounds you can hear, follow your breath as it flows into and out of your body. Step outside the door, feel the wind on your face and in your hair, look around you and observe the beauty of the natural world, watch the clouds move across the sky and notice the colours of a sunset. Live in the moment.