The Ocean

Bare feet warmed by sand

Shaded by trees

I gaze to the horizon

Over crystalline waters

Shimmering sunlight

Reflects in my eyes


Waves crash on golden shores

Tides ebb and flow

White noise fills my ears

Rhythmic sound

I close my eyes

And hear the ocean


Gentle breeze on my face

Whispering leaves

Sand stirring around me

Salty spray

Washes over me

Cooling my skin


Shadows, like hands on a clock

Rotate slowly

I emerge from shade

Glowing and glistening

Sun’s radiated warmth

Envelopes my body


I move towards the ocean

Sand burning, like lava

Calm blue waters gently ripple

A peaceful sanctuary

Drawing me onwards

Tempting me in


copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley


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